Solid Shampoo Seaweed & Aloe Vera

Solid Shampoo Seaweed & Aloe Vera

The Solid Shampoo Seaweed & Aloe vera is rich source of Vitamins including Vitamins B12, Vitamin E, Amino Acids , Minerals, in the Seaweed. Vitamins B complex, C and carotene, Folic Acid, in Aloe Vera.

Seaweed powder has a powerful power of detoxifier, cleanser and exfoliant.

Aloe vera powder in this shampoo is 200 times concentrated,  is known  for skin healing properties and known for its soothing.

- Phytokeratin (Hair Fortifying)

-Panthenol (Fortifier, Soothing, Reparitive).




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